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by Tanit

A Professional Query Horary

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This horary considers a three-part question surrounding the querent's stressful work situation:
1. will she keep her position or will it change (be cut back or eliminated)?
2. Will she be able to maintain the peace with her boss?
3. will the strange co-worker finally be removed?

Details of the Question:
The querent had been feeling upset about a number of work problems. She was 33 years of age and worked as the head accountant at a large leisure industry outlet. She had been having a number of disputes and verbal disagreements with her female boss, an obese and severe woman in her mid 30s, who was described as argumentative and unwilling to listen properly to her employees' concerns. The querent is friendly, social and compassionate, but also outspoken by nature. She had tried to voice her concerns to her boss in the past, while other employees were generally afraid to approach her.

A recent cause of bad feeling arose when a coworker friend of the querent was verbally berated by their boss and also physically scratched, supposedly by accident although the querent doubted this. The querent was also going through an uncomfortable experience with a male coworker who exhibited odd behavior towards her and others, which made the querent sometimes fear for her safety. She had wanted to raise her concerns with her boss, but like all other issues that she had tried to discuss in the past, she was afraid to approach her about it. The querent primarily worried that having any further disagreements with her boss might be damaging for her position because she had already drawn attention to herself.

The strange male coworker had that week been put on suspension for drug use (someone other than the querent had apparently noticed his behavior). She hoped that the male coworker would now be laid off while on suspension, without her having to mention anything. If he wasn't laid off, she hoped he would at least not do anything hurtful to anyone at work. In addition to all of this, her industry was also experiencing job cuts (they were laying people off or making them switch shifts with pay cuts). The querent had already experienced a pay cut in the past, and had only recently been given back her proper pay. That month her employers were making decisions about jobs and she wanted guidance on whether she was likely to face any further pay cuts in the next few months, or would be made to switch shifts, or (worst case scenario) possibly lose her job.

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