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    Will this be a good trip?  

by Rhona Grant

will this be a good trip

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This was my own personal horary question. My husband had planned a surprise holiday for my birthday. We would be leaving on the 18th September 2010 and I had no idea whether it would be in this country [England] or abroad, but knowing my husband I guessed it would be overseas. For some reason I felt uneasy about the trip. This was underlined by concern that I had a lot happening in my life at that time and so did not really feel I could take a week off for a holiday. I had recently started to study horary astrology so I decided to pose a question. Partly because I was bothered by this trip and partly because I felt it would be a good learning opportunity - to see how the horary played out against a situation that would soon enough have a known outcome.

I was interested in looking at the start of the holiday, the destination and the general circumstances of the holiday.

Because the outcome was far from straightforward, I am now interested in sharing the details of this situation, and welcome the opportunity of seeing how other astrologers, with more experience in horary, would interpret this chart.

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